About RoblesReports

Welcome to my online home RoblesReports.com.


My name is Michel Robles. I’ve been a journalist and photographer since 1989, mostly on a freelance basis. My special interest is in reporting on science as well as on sustainable solutions to problems concerning our environment, nature, spatial planning and global development. Sometimes I also write on socio-economic issues and the journalist profession itself.


I’m a Dutchman (hopefully my writing is no double Dutch…), working from my home town Nijmegen in Holland. Originally, I was educated a psychologist. Then, during the eighties, I sort of stumbled into jobs with several environmental organizations (such as Greenpeace) and animal welfare foundations, as a campaigner, educator or editor.


At the end of the eighties, I happened to do several stories that made national magazines and newspapers. So one morning I woke up, realizing: Oops, I’m a journalist!


I hope to combine a reporter's mental distance and nuance with a healthy dose of social commitment. For that reason I also initialize real life projects, aimed at enhancing our surroundings.


I’m an active member of the Dutch association of Investigative Reporters (Vereniging van Onderzoeksjournalisten VVOJ).


Professionals interested in hiring my services may contact me by e-mail: mail@roblesreports.com


I have started this website as an extra outlet for my writing, photo stories and projects. You won't find a cascade of short news items here. My core business is giving background stories and heralding new trends and technological developments.


I hope people from all over the our magnificent bluegreen miracle ball can find useful new and sustainable solutions and technologies here, in a language they understand. Many of the stories are in English, many in Dutch and quite a few in both languages or even other tongues.


By the way, the site has been designed as an easy one to navigate. You’ll often be able to access stories from a number of related ones, related pages et cetera.



Photo: © Michel Robles